PhD in Molecular Biophysics (@CNB-CSIC)

PhD in Molecular Biophysics (@CNB-CSIC)
Fecha límite
September 2019

Funded by Tecnologías 2018 or/and by Synérgicos 2018, we offer a predoctoral contract to carry out a PhD Thesis on “New Technologies Applied to Study Biological Nanomachines involved in DNA repair” at The National Center of Biotechnology (CNB-CSIC), Madrid. The contract will be associated to Granted Projects P2018/NMT-4443 and Y2018/BIO-4747.

The project will employ and develop combined fluorescence and single-molecule techniques to study DNA-protein interactions involved in DNA repair processes related to cancer. The project will be done at the CNB-CSIC (Madrid) under the supervision of Dr. Fernando Moreno-Herrero.

How to apply
Candidates should send an email to including a complete CV, and an academic certificate with marks and the average mark of the degree before April 2019.
Candidates must have a Master´s degree either in Physics, Biology, Biophysics or related subjects by September 2019. Physicists with interests in biology or biologists interested in mechanics and biophysical processes and techniques are encouraged.
More Information__
More information about the group of Fernando Moreno-Herrero can be obtained here:

A pdf with the announcement (in Spanish) can be downloaded from here:

The Moreno-Herrero Lab figures.
• 30 papers over the 2011-2019 period

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• Mainly funded by the European Research Council with an 2007 Starting Grant and 2015 Consolidator Grant, and National Grants in 2008, 2011, 2014, 2017.
• Medium size group with currently 10 people
• Contributing in ~7-10 conferences every year with Invited, Contributed and Poster presentations.


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