Master and doctoral Scholarships

Master and doctoral Scholarships
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We invite highly qualified applicants who wish to continue their studies towards a PhD. Applicants with a M.Eng. or M.Sc. (Type I) or a master’s degree (Type II) would be considered for admission. However a specialisation in Chemical Engineering or related field is recommended.

We offer a limited number of two types of scholarships:

Type I (only PhD, it requires previous master’s degree): teaching assistantships for the most qualified applicants, renewable on an annual basis for a maximum of 3 years (approx. 12.000€/year). Applicants with their own funding or candidates with external fellowships are welcomed.

Type II (integrated MSc + PhD): We offer a limited number of study grants for the most qualified applicants. The scholarship will be for four years:
- 1st year: up to a maximum of 10.000€ (3000€ of tuition fees of the MSc and 7000€ for living expenses).
- 2nd to 4th: the same amount as Type I (approx. 12.000€/year).

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