Oferta FPI-PRE2023- Photonic Architectures for Improved Light Out-coupling Efficiency in Light Emitting Diodes (OUTLIGHT)

Oferta FPI-PRE2023- Photonic Architectures for Improved Light Out-coupling Efficiency in Light Emitting Diodes (OUTLIGHT)
Fecha límite
10 Noviembre

The candidate will join the team led by Agustín Mihi within the Spanish National Research
Funding Call PID 2022. Dr. Mihi’s team is part of the Nanostructured Materials for
Optoelectronics and Energy Harvesting (NANOPTO) group, which is generally devoted to
materials for energy and photonic applications.
Photonic and plasmonic architectures hold great promise to improve the performance of
many optoelectronic technologies through the ability to manipulate light at the nanoscale.
However, these nanostructures are typically produced via cumbersome and costly lithographic processes. In our group, we work fabricate photonic nanostructures using a scalable and low-cost soft nanoimprinting technique compatible with emerging optoelectronic devices. Our approach is compatible with a wide variety of materials such as biopolymers and colloids leading to a new generation of unconventional photonic architectures.
Main tasks of the candidate:
To develop the project, the candidate will learn how to use a large variety of techniques and methodologies. The main tasks that will be carried out within the project include:
a) Fabrication and optimization of different nanostructures exhibiting photonic and phononic properties
b) Design and building optical set ups for the optical characterization of the nanostructures
c) Fundamental study/characterization of materials and devices using, e.g. advanced
d) Literature review and paper drafting
e) Contributing to the group (e.g. taking care of the maintenance of a given piece of
equipment, giving presentations at group meetings, helping new students, etc.)
We look for an enthusiastic researcher familiarized with the fields of photonics/plasmonics
- Master in Photonics, Nanoscience, Physics or similar subjects.
- A good level of written and spoken English.
- Optical setups know-how and optical spectroscopy background.
- Nanofabrication experience, knowledge of vacuum and cleanroom work environments.

We value a diverse and inclusive work environment where all team members have excellent
opportunities for learning and contributing. For more information, please visit:

Interested candidates should send by email to Dr. Agustín Mihi (agustin.mihi@csic.es) the
following documents:

- motivation letter (where you introduce yourself, previous experience in relation to the
post and future goals)
- detailed CV, including the academic record, and a list of references with contact details


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