PhD position available

PhD position available
Fecha límite
10 March 2023

A predoctoral position is already available at the Systems Biology of Infection Lab in Barcelona (https://sites.google.com/site/marctorrentburgas/). We are looking for motivated researchers who want to to develop and use frontline methods for studying bacteria infection at all scientific disciplines. The open position is in the field of protein chemistry and structural biology. The project aims to design and optimize new proteins and peptides against bacterial biofilms using artificial intelligence. The new molecules will be synthesized in the lab and tested for anti-biofilm activity using confocal microscopy and biophysical techniques.

The candidate needs a MSc in Biochemistry or a related discipline at the moment of the application. Other relevant skills include:
1. Background in Computational Biology.
2. Good communication skills and fluency in spoken and written English.
3. Strong sense of responsibility, initiative, self-motivation and social skills as key personal abilities.


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