Beca de Doctorado FPI en la Universitat de les Illes Balears en Fotónica Experimental

Beca de Doctorado FPI en la Universitat de les Illes Balears en Fotónica Experimental
Fecha límite
26 de Enero (convocatoria FPI 2022)

Detailed description of the topic: Coherence and phase ordering dynamics in mode-locked lasers
Phase transitions and self-ordering processes are ubiquitous in nature and control the synchronisation of clocks or fireflies to cite but a few. Similar processes may occur in the dynamics of mode-locked lasers.
The research work will consist in building up and performing the full characterisation of a fibre-based semiconductor laser actively mode-locked by a Lithium Niobate modulator and studying the phase dynamics of the pulses circulating in the cavity.

This position is funded for a period of 48 months by a FPI grant within the framework of the Spanish national project KEFIR (KErr Frequency combs in Injected dispersive bRoad area micro-cavities) recently funded by the Spanish ministry of science and innovation (PID2021-128910NB-I00).

The starting date is the first of September 2023 and the research work will be experimental. The research will be conducted in our laboratory situated at the campus of the University of the Balearic Islands in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. It will be developed in close collaboration with our experimental and theoretical colleagues from the Institut de Physique de Nice (INPHYNI), France, and from the University of Münster, Germany.
This PhD work will integrate in the larger framework of an experimental study of frequency combs in optical microcavities.
The latter recently received an international funding from both France and Germany (ANR-DFG) in which the University of Balearic Islands is an offcial partner.

What we offer:
The Nonlinear Waves Group (ONL) possesses an internationally recognized expertise on the dynamics of semiconductor mode-locked lasers, time delayed systems and soliton dynamics. The latter can be assessed from the consistent and high quality scientific output of the group, see Refs. 1–10, or our complete list of publications. His principal investigator, Dr. Julien Javaloyes, has been involved into the analysis and the modelling of semiconductor lasers for more than 20 years. The ONL group at the University of Balearic Islands is part of the Institute of Applied Computing & Community Code, the IAC3. The IAC3 comprises six groups with topics ranging from nonlinear dynamics, high performance computing, mathematics, general relativity and stellar physics.

Conditions & Comments:
Having finished the Master degree at the time of the application is not mandatory but the candidate must have completed the Master degree by the start date of the grant on
the first of September 2023. We strongly encourage international applications. The University of Balearic Islands is an equal opportunity employer.
We explicitly encourage female researchers to apply for the offered position. Among equally qualified applicants, disabled candidates will be given preference.

What we look for
Highly motivated PhD students
Capable of adopting an international role mediating between experiment & theory
Passion for nonlinear physics
Strong background (master) in either photonics, electrical engineering, nonlinear science, or theoretical nonlinear physics
Good speaking and writing skills in English

Your application should contain
curriculum vitae
Master & bachelor transcripts (incl. marks)
letter of motivation
contact information of two referrals
Application submission to: julien.javaloyes at uib.es

1 J. Javaloyes et al. Technical Report, 2012
2 M. Marconi et al. Phys. Rev. Lett., 112:223901, 2014
3 M. Marconi et al. Nat. Photon., 9:450, 2015
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10 T. G. Seidel et al. Phys. Rev. Lett., 128:083901, 2022



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