Se busca persona interesada en solicitar una beca predoctoral en la UCLM (Campus de Albacete)

Se busca persona interesada en solicitar una beca predoctoral en la UCLM (Campus de Albacete)
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We offer the possibility to apply for a predoctoral fellowship in the UCLM (Campus of Albacete, Departamento de Química Física).
The project will be focused on the modification of electrodes by techniques based on nanotechnology and cutting-edge materials (graphene, carbon nanotubes, conducting polymers, metal nanoparticles, MOFs and others) with the aim to develop sensors and biosensors for compounds of interest in diverse fields (environment, pharmacology, clinical, etc).
The tasks of the PhD project will involve:
1. The activation and modification of the electrodic surfaces to design new sensors or biosensors with improved electronic transfer
2. Structural and electrochemical characterization of the new surfaces developed
3. Study of the analytical performance of the (bio)sensors developed: determination of analytical parameters, interferences and real samples.
The PhD candidates are expected to be able to work in group, in a multidisciplinary environment that will train her/him in different techniques of electrochemistry, materials chemistry, spectroscopy and microscopy.
The candidate must be willing to enroll in a UCLM doctoral program for the 2022-23 academic year, which will be reflected in the application.
The project will be carried out at the Chemistry laboratory in the Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineering located in Albacete (UCLM) under the supervision of Prof. Edelmira Valero. The research group has different collaborations at national and international level.
Education Level:
Candidates should have a Degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Chemical Engineering or a related discipline. A related Master degree that qualifies to obtain a doctorate is also essential. The candidates should have a good academic record in both cases (> 7.5).
We are looking for candidates with some experience in some of these topics: electrochemistry, chemistry.
The candidates are expected to have interest in the research line, capacity to stay abroad for at least 3 months, and motivation to learn everything necessary to successfully carry out the experimental and theoretical tasks leading to the doctoral thesis.
Good interpersonal skills as well as written and oral communication skills in English (minimum B2) are required.
Full time predoctoral contract with a duration of 1 year, annually renewed until a maximum of 4 years.
Application Deadline: 17-10-2022
How to apply: Contact to Edelmira.Valero at uclm.es


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