Ph.D. Fellowship / FPI Contract

Ph.D. Fellowship / FPI Contract
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We are looking for candidates for a Ph.D. fellowship (FPI contract) in the Granular Media Lab, UNAV, Pamplona, Spain, financed by the Spanish MCIN/AEI Research Grant PID2020-114839GB-I00

Project: Emergent collective behavior in many-particle systems

Topic summary: The project's primary goal will be to study solid particles dispersions moving through complex geometries and, whenever the collective behaviors could induce self-segregation, and clogging, or jamming. The approach will be mainly experimental by implementing 3D and quasi-2D setups where the relevant variables of the problem could be measured. Programming and data analysis skills are welcomed, but eligible candidates must be fully motivated to learn how to use and design experimental setups.

Deadline: November 11, 2021

Interested people should contact as soon as possible, sending a short motivation letter at: granular at unav.es

More information regarding the GML and their research at: https://www.unav.edu/en/web/laboratorio-medios-granulares


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