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Postdoctoral Fellow
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Liver Cancer affects one million of new patients each year and is directly connected with obesity. HCC is the fifth deadliest cancer owning to its vast heterogeneity and late detection at advanced stages. These upsetting facts prompted us to launch an exciting project, whose challenging idea was that "not everything that regulates tumor development and responses to anti-cancerous treatments is written in the genes". In this field, Liver Disease Lab leading by Malu Martinez-Chantar is looking for a motivated experienced candidate (postdoctoral fellow) in the liver field with no more than two years of postgraduate research experience abroad that will proceed with a “forward approach," which will involve a comprehensive analysis of Magnesium transporters in preneoplastic lesions to define bona-fide markers of liver cancer; analysis of biomarkers/fluids and links to metabolism/genomics.

More information on Martinez-Chantar’s Laboratory.
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