FPI PhD contract in Malu Martinez-Chantar Lab (Liver Disease Lab) at CIC bioGUNE, Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación

FPI PhD contract in Malu Martinez-Chantar Lab (Liver Disease Lab) at CIC bioGUNE, Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación
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Malu Martinez-Chantar lab is looking for a highly motivated student to apply for a FPI contract in Liver Disease based on post-translational modifications.

Project general aim

NEDDylation is clearly emerging as an important regulator of several pathways managing metabolism, differentiation, and survival. However, despite the importance of this PTM in cell biology, the mechanisms through which NEDDylation controls protein properties as well as how its activity is controlled are still a matter of debate. NEDDylation seems to be involved in cellular stress signaling, by providing a regulatory mechanism that acts like a “switch,” allowing the activation of alternative pathways dictating the key steps of the cellular stress response. Nowadays, the study of obesity and related comorbidities is one of the most exhaustively investigated issues in the area of human physiology and pharmacology. This proposal may provide a completely new perspective about NEDDylation, classically assumed to have a role in pathological situations. In this context, a change in the paradigm would point out this mechanism as a trigger of the progression and aggravation of metabolic diseases.

Scientific-technical training capacity of the research team
Malu Martinez-Chantar is part of Ciberehd ISCIII (Centro de Investigacion Medica en Red de Enfermedades Hepáticas y Digestivas), which the main objective is to promote excellence research into liver and digestive diseases in an international context.Thus, the student will have the possibility to enroll the exchange program belong to Ciber for Liver Disease for learning new techniques, clinical approaches and translational research. Also, the involvement of the PI in the select European group of Woman in Hepatology will increase the possibilities of collaboration with internationally recognized laboratories. Finally, the network of the PI not only in the area of hepatology but also in molecular and cellular biology has been intensified through an extensive participation in different national and international networks like Hepamet Registry, MetaboCancer Excellence Network and different European COST actions PROTEOSTASIS, TRANSAUTOPHAGY and MITOEAGLE. Importantly, the student will be also part of The Advanced Training Program to PhD in CIC bioGUNE.

Required documents and deadline
Candidates will require a degree in Biology, biochemistry or related field and a Master that will allow the access to the Doctorate Program. Candidates should send a letter of presentation and update CV to
mlmartinez en
Application will be open in October 2021


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