Postdoctoral positions open in the Systems Biology of Infection Lab (UAB)

Postdoctoral positions open in the Systems Biology of Infection Lab (UAB)
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We are looking for motivated postdocs who want to to develop and use frontline research methods for studying bacteria infection in living cells involving all scientific disciplines.
We offer positions in one or several of the following topics:
· Microbiology: Projects related to understanding the mechanisms of bacterial infection through Tn- or CRISPR- screens whith high content readouts. Background in molecular biology/microbiology required.
· Peptide chemistry: Design of new antimicrobial peptide drugs targeting protein interactions. Background in molecular or chemical biology required.
· Cellular biochemistry: Analysis of molecules and pathways involved in bacteria infection using high throughput sequencing platforms and proteomics. Background in molecular or chemical biology required.
· Computational biology: Network analysis using machine learning. Computer simulation of bacteria infection using stochastic modeling. Structural biology, drug design, docking and molecular dynamics simulations. Background in Mathematics/Physics or computational biology is required.

Please visit https://sites.google.com/site/marctorrentburgas/" class="wiki wikinew text-danger tips">our webpage for more information.

· Creative and self-motivated personality with interest in fundamental science or methods development.
· Good team working skills.
· PhD in relevant subject area.
· Excellent communication skills in English.
· Documented experience of solving complex scientific problems or methods development in at least one of the areas outlined above.

Candidates must send a CV and a motivation letter to marc.torrent at uab.cat before August 2021. The selected candidates will be notified after the deadline and interviewed in the next 15 days. Successful candidates will prepare the application together with us and submit the proposal to the University before 30th September 2021. Decisions will be made by the University Committee before the end of 2021.

For more information: https://agr.uab.cat/docs/MD_PortalAjuts/Convocatoria_Next-Gen._DEF_SIGNADAdocx.pdf


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