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OFERTA - Research
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POSITION DESCRIPTION – Research assistant in bionic vision (EJ5-11)


Making the blind sighted again is becoming a reality. By implanting an electrode array in the retina, the so-called ‘bionic eye’, it is now possible to restore visual sensations. However, one of the main technological challenges relates to the delivery of the right neural message to the brain for interpretation. Within the scope the project ‘Rewiring the brain in bionic vision’, funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, the successful candidate will contribute to making better visual prostheses by improving electrical stimulation strategies in two ways: (1) manipulation of the electric fields that target the activation of retinal neurons, and (2) remodeling of the brain circuits in charge for processing visual information.

This is a 2-year position funded by the National Youth Guarantee System. The successful candidate will benefit from hands-on training in neuroscience, electronics or programming among others, and will develop specific surgical skills. This training will be provided by the principal investigator, who will guide and mentor the candidate to promote independent thinking and autonomous work.

This is a highly multidisciplinary role that requires combined skills in the field of engineering and biological sciences, and therefore, graduates from a variety of schools of faculties are welcome. It is expected the successful candidate to develop commentary skills in either fields at the of the apprenticeship term.

Finally, the candidate will commit to following all risk assessment and prevention measures required and to contribute to developing a saver working environment. It will also be a priority to commit to international ethics codes and research standards.


• Bachelor degree in biological sciences or engineering.
• Good command of the English language (B2).


All information on how to apply can be found at: https://investigacion.us.es/investigacion/contratos-personal

For further information, contact abriveraarrobaus.es . Other positions may opon soon.


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