Contrato predoctoral en el Instituto de Investigación en Energía de Cataluña (IREC), Barcelona

Contrato predoctoral en el Instituto de Investigación en Energía de Cataluña (IREC), Barcelona
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The Group Leader of Nanoionics and Fuel Cells is seeking a PhD student to work on a European Project (ERC CoG) devoted to the development of breakthrough concepts for micro-Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (uSOFC).

Description: Energy requirements of portable devices are exponentially increasing while the capacity of the current battery technology is not progressing accordingly. Novel miniaturized devices able to efficiently operate in continuous mode by using a fuel are receiving increased attention. Micro-fuel cells and, in particular, micro-Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (m-SOFCs) are considered one of the most promising candidates due to their high specific energy and power, two times higher than conventional Li-ion batteries. One of the most promising approaches for the miniaturization of SOFCs is based on the silicon technology commonly used to fabricate MEMS devices and 3D printing of ceramics for the encapsulation. This approach ensures high reproducibility and reliability, cheap mass production and easy integration in mainstream technology.

We are interested in a Ph.D. student highly motivated to develop the integration of micro-SOFC into microelectronic technology. She/he will get experience in hands on microfabrication using mainstream microelectronics, as well as a deep knowledge on solid oxide fuel cells and 3D printing of ceramics. The project will be carried out in collaboration with the Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona (IMB-CNM, CSIC).

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Is it possible to design a portable power generator based on micro-solid oxide fuel cells? A finite volume analysis
Full ceramic micro solid oxide fuel cells: towards more reliable MEMS power generators operating at high temperatures

Requirements: Ph.D. student who is highly motivated to learn, work in a team, high flexibility and initiative and ability to innovate.
Bachelor and/or master of Physics / Engineering / Microelectronics or similar is required. Experience in MEMS fabrication and 3D printing will be positively evaluated.
Fluent English is mandatory.

We offer: Three years Ph.D student contract. Joining a team of highly qualified and motivated researchers working in the frontiers of knowledge in science and technology.
A salary commensurate with the characteristics of the candidate

Incorporation: The candidates should be available by January 2018.

Workplace: Barcelona (IREC facilities)

Contact: Applicants should send a detailed CV, a motivation letter and bachelor/master transcript to Albert Tarancón, atarancon en Please indicate the reference “ULTRA-SOFC_PhDFab” in your mail.


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