FPU2015 in Nanoscience/Biophysics

FPU2015 in Nanoscience/Biophysics
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Thinking about applying for FPU 2015? Consider the group of Membrane Nanomechanics (Biophysics Unit, University of the Basque country, Bilbao, The prospective candidate is expected to participate in international collaborative projects focused on membrane remodeling by proteins (Shnyrova et. al, Science, 2013; Matilla et al., Nature 2015) and synthetic membrane channels based upon carbon nanotubes (Geng et al., Nature 2014). We are looking for a highly motivated person dedicated to research with the background either in physics or biochemistry/cell biology (average mark higher than 8 is desirable). If interested, please, contact Vadim Frolov ( or Anna Shnyrova ( before December 16, 2015. General information about the FPU stipend can be found at

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