Seeking FI-AGAUR 2016 PhD grant candidates

Seeking FI-AGAUR 2016 PhD grant candidates
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We are looking for a candidate to apply for a FI-AGAUR 2016 PhD grant within the Neuropharmacology and Pain research group (http://www.ub.edu/neuropharmpain/) at the University of Barcelona.

Research projects:
1. Adenosine and dopamine receptor-receptor interactions in the neurobiology of schizophrenia & Parkinson’s disease
2. GPCRs & ion channels oligomerization
3. The Parkinson’s disease-associated GPR37 receptor: a promising target for neurological diseases
4. Targeting the sigma-1 receptor: Pain and more
5. GPCR Optopharmacology

Contact: fciruela at ub.edu
Deadline: September 15th, 2015

Summary of the projects:
More details about each specific project could be found at:
These projects may represent a golden opportunity to train a new generation of researchers in a truly inter-disciplinary setting with particular emphasis on translational research, thus driving students to conceive projects from the lab to bench side and vice-versa.

●The holder of the grant will be expected to complete a PhD degree in the Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine (www.ub.edu/doctorat_biomedicina/cas/) during his/her grant tenure.
●Candidates with a Master degree in Biomedicine (or relative) holding an average score ≥ 8.5 are welcome
●Good English level
●Experience in biomedical research will be valued


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