Contrato predoctoral en astronomía de rayos gamma en el IFAE (Barcelona)

Contrato predoctoral en astronomía de rayos gamma en el IFAE (Barcelona)
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PhD student position at IFAE Gamma-Ray Astronomy group

The Gamma-ray Astronomy group at IFAE invites for applications for a PhD studentship position within the CTA and MAGIC projects. The successful candidate will be offered a 4-year grant, and will work in cutting edge technical and scientific aspects of observational high-energy gamma-ray astrophysics within these two projects.

IFAE is a worldwide-recognized center for fundamental research in physics, including Particle Physics, Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology, and provides an international, dynamic and competitive environment for training of young researchers. IFAE is one of the few Spanish research institutes awarded with the Severo Ochoa distinction for excellence on research.

The Gamma-ray Astronomy group at IFAE has taken a leading role in the MAGIC and CTA projects. The group is currently involved in the mechanics of the 23m-diameter CTA Large Sized Telescope, a 1.8m-diameter Raman Lidar for atmospheric characterization, trigger and slow control systems for the cameras of different CTA telescopes, Monte Carlo simulations and data management tools. IFAE is also responsible for significant hardware elements of the MAGIC telescopes and for its data center. The group is also very active in the analysis and interpretation of MAGIC astronomical data, and has a particular interest on Galactic sources, active galactic nuclei and Fundamental Physics.

Eligible candidates should hold a master degree (or equivalent) in Physics or Astrophysics. Evaluation of applications will start in September 15th 2014, and continue until the position is filled. All applications received before that date will be given full consideration.

Interested applicants should send an expression of interest, curriculum vitae and two letters of reference by electronic mail to Dr. Javier Rico (jrico@ifae.es) and Dr. Oscar Blanch (blanch@ifae.es).


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