Postdoc offer at the University of Oporto (Physics)

Postdoc offer at the University of Oporto (Physics)
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26th December 2013

On behalf of Dr. Helder Crespo I would like to share with you this announcement:

Postdoctoral position - University of Porto, Portugal

We’re looking for motivated candidates with a PhD Degree in Physics, Physics Engineering or related fields, to develop experimental and theoretical/numerical work in ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopy of (de)magnetization dynamics of new materials. These include nanomaterials and metallic nanoparticles, which show promise for new magnetic recording technologies. The work will be performed at IFIMUP’s ultrafast laser laboratory, Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Porto, under the guidance of Profs. David Schmool and Helder Crespo, and will take advantage of our recently built pump-probe MOKE system, which is capable of unprecedentedly high temporal resolutions below 10 femtoseconds. A new HHG XUV beamline is also presently under construction with which we expect to gain access to element-specific dynamics. Apart from taking place in the beautiful city of Porto (first position in Lonely Planet’s Top 10 European destinations for 2013 -, the work will also include visits and campaigns to other european laboratories within our collaboration network.

Salary is 1495 euros per month (this amount is what you actually get in your account, tax free, as stipulated by FCT’s rules for post-doctoral researchers working in Portugal). The contract is for 12 months, renewable yearly up to a maximum of 30 months. Selection criteria: CV, with emphasis on journal publications (50%) and previous experience in fields relevant to our group’s activities, i.e., ultrafast lasers, diagnostics, nonlinear optics, spectroscopy and magnetism (50%). Preference will be given to candidates with knowledge and experience in spin-dynamics of nanostructures and the Landau-Lifshitz formalism.

The formal announcement for this exciting new position is published here:
(in portuguese only, apparently - sorry about that - but the present message summarizes the key aspects of the announcement).

Informal inquiries can be made directly to Profs. David Schmool ( and Helder Crespo ( Please note that our institute’s webpage is currently undergoing extensive renovation and update, and the information available right now is not representative of our current work and facilities.

Applications should be sent by email to recrutamentorh en (with cc to jearaujo en, with the subject: Norte-070124-FEDER-000070 (Task 3)
Required documents for the application are: motivation letter, CV, PhD certificate and any other documents judged relevant by the candidate.

Submission deadline: December 26, 2013.


Helder M. Crespo
Dept. of Physics & Astronomy and IFIMUP-IN
Faculty of Science, University of Porto
R. do Campo Alegre 687, 4169-007 Porto, Portugal
Phone: (+351) 220-402-308
Fax: (+351) 220-402-306


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