Postdoctoral Scientist Position

Postdoctoral Scientist Position
Fecha límite
February 4th, 2010

Please see below an announcement for a postdoctoral position in the laboratory of
Prof. HJ Delecluse at the German Cancer Research Centre in Heidelberg, Germany.

Molecular Genome Analysis

The Division of Molecular Genome Analysis at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg is seeking an outstanding scientist to advance and employ protein microarray-based proteome profiling technologies. The project "Systems biology of network stress based on data generated in in vitro differentiated hepatocytes derived from individual-specific human iPS cells" is embedded within the ERANET ERASysBio initiative and aims at the identification of molecular factors relevant for the development of chronic liver disease, e.g. steatohepatitis, and hepatic cancer.

We are looking for a well-trained and highly motivated scientist. Detailed knowledge of signal transduction processes, as well as of basic techniques in molecular biology, protein chemistry, cell biology, and the characterization of antibodies are required. A strong background in metabolic disorders or in cancer biology and experiences to work successfully within in an interdisciplinary environment are mandatory. Knowledge of tissue microdissection approaches or histology would be a great plus. Applicants should have a Ph.D. in biology, biochemistry or a related field.

__Starting date:March 1st, 2010
The position is limited to January 31st , 2013 with the possibility for an extension.__

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