1Postdoc/1Predoc/1Research Technician. UCL Cancer Institute, London

1Postdoc/1Predoc/1Research Technician. UCL Cancer Institute, London
Fecha límite
Enero-Marzo 2010

Neural stem cells and brain cancertext

1 Postdoctoral Research Associate
1 Research Technician
1 PhD Studentship

Vacancies for a Research Technician, Research Associate and PhD Student exist within the laboratory of Dr Steven Pollard at the Samantha Dickson Brain Cancer Unit and UCL Cancer Institute, London.

The laboratory has a broad interest in the molecular and cellular mechanisms that regulate neural stem cell self-renewal, lineage choice and terminal differentiation in the developing and adult CNS, as well as in brain cancer.

We have a particular interest in glioblastoma multiforme, the most common type of primary brain cancer. These tumours may be driven by a cancer stem cell population. We have recently generated a panel of novel human glioblastoma cell lines that retain stem cell character and tumor initiating potential (Pollard S., et al, Cell Stem Cell, 2009). Successful applicants will use this model system to uncover the interplay between cell differentiation programs and classic ‘cancer pathways’, focussing on the astrocyte and oligodendrocyte lineages.

Applicants with experience in molecular biology and biochemical analysis of mouse development, ES cell differentiation, or mouse models of cancer are particularly encouraged to apply.

For the PhD studentship, applicants should send a CV and cover letter including the contact details of two referees to smp54 en Deadline March 5th, 2010.

Applications for the Research Technician (Ref: 1123350) and Research Associate (Ref:1122922) posts should be made via the online application
system, before January 16th, 2010.

Informal enquiries can be made directly to smp54 en


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