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Oferta predoctoral análisis de datos ómicos Enfermedad Cardiovascular

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Pre-doctoral candidate

The Research Institute of Hospital Sant Pau in Barcelona is seeking a pre-doctoral candidate. We are looking for a highly motivated, talented student wishing to further develop his/her scientific career within the area of Genomics of Cardiovascular Disease. The successful candidate will join the Unit of Genomics of Complex Diseases in a supporting and stimulating environment within the new Research Institute of Hospital Sant Pau.

Our group is interested in the integrative omic data analysis and predictive models on vascular diseases such as abdominal aortic aneurysm, periphery artery disease, and venous thrombosis. We also analyze related biomarkers as a way to understand the biological mechanisms leading to disease. We will study genetic, transcriptomic and epigenetic risk factors using extensive biobanks belonging to our group as well as through our international collaborations. The candidate will be part of the Cohorts for Heart and Aging Research in Genomic Epidemiology (CHARGE) Consortium, which is one of the most prestigious genetic Consortia in the field.
The successful applicant should be self-motivated, with the ability to work independently as well as in collaborative projects, have excellent written and oral communication skills, and be able to interact effectively and work productively in a team. We are particularly interested in candidates with a bioinformatics/statistics background who are well acquainted with data analysis and programming. A genuine high level of curiosity for research in general and cardiovascular research in particular will be strongly valued.
Desired Requirements:
• B.Sc and M.Sc. degree in biology, epidemiology, pharmacy, biomedicine, genetics, biostatistics, biotechnology or similar field.
• Background in bioinformatics or biostatistics, experience with data analysis, omics analysis and programming.
• Excellent knowledge of spoken and written scientific English.
• The candidates must fulfill the requirements to be enrolled to the PhD program for the competitive public calls 2022-2023 (ex: AGAUR, PERIS, FPU…).
• Good academic record to ensure eligibility for competitive public calls.
• Previous experience in research projects, publications, and presentations in scientific meetings will be considered as additional merits.
What we offer:
Pre-doctoral contract affiliated in the Unit of Genomics of Complex Disease.
Interested candidates should send a CV and a cover letter to msabater at santpau.cat

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