CIC nanoGUNE: PREDOCTORAL RESEARCHER on Novel superconducting states modelled by atomic-scale structures

CIC nanoGUNE: PREDOCTORAL RESEARCHER on Novel superconducting states modelled by atomic-scale structures
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The Nanoscience Cooperative Research Center CIC nanoGUNE, created with the mission of conducting world-class nanoscience research for the competitive growth of the Basque Country and recently recognized as a "María de Maeztu" Excellence Unit (2017-2021), is currently looking for a

PREDOCTORAL RESEARCHER to work on Novel superconducting states modelled by atomic-scale structures

We are seeking for candidates to fill a PhD position in experimental physics, in the field atomic-scale interaction of magnetism and superconductivity.

The fundamental properties of quantum materials are built up based on complex electronic phenomenology emerging at the atomic scale. The aim of this PhD thesis is to derive fundamental rules on the interaction between magnetic atoms and molecules with superconducting materials, envisioning the creation of novel superconducting states of matter. Magnetism is known to destroy superconductivity, but a single magnetic atom simply modifies the superconducting properties locally, trapping Cooper pairs, and perturbing the material in short length scales. The research project of this PhD aims at fabricating predesigned atomic-scale structures of magnetic atoms/molecules on a superconductor using the atom-by-atom manipulation technique of a scanning tunneling microscope and exploring the novel superconducting state by means of high-resolution tunneling spectroscopy.

The successful candidate will form part of a research group studying fundamental quantum mechanisms of surface/atom/molecule science. The group combines various methods of probe microscopy and spectroscopy with a wide variety of synthesis, growth and characterization techniques within the local environment of nanoGUNE. The research will be performed under the supervision of Prof. Nacho Pascual, and in collaboration with the group of Dr. Celia Rogero at the nearby institute Materials Physics Center.

San Sebastian is a middle size city lying directly at the Atlantic seacoast and surrounded by a sensational environment of hills and mountains full of tradition and nature. The city is close to the French border, showing a dynamical cultural scene and renowned for its Basque cuisine.

The ideal candidate should have a Master in Physics or related fields, with a background and interest in solid state phenomena, proficiency in English and communication skills, good hands on experimental work, and cooperative attitude to team work.

For application please fill the form in" class="wiki wikinew text-danger tips"> and submit an updated CV and a letter of interest, including contact information to two reference scientists.

The application deadline for this position is February 29th, 2020.


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