Biología estructural, contrato FPI asociado al premio Severo Ochoa

Biología estructural, contrato FPI asociado al premio Severo Ochoa
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Buscamos licenciad@s con master con interés en biología estructural y biomedicina y que se hayan registrado en la convocatoria para contrato FPI de este año.
Se incluye una breve descripción de los temas de trabajo.

The Macias lab at IRB Barcelona is searching for a highly motivated PhD student of Structural Biology, to join our laboratory.

Our research interest is focused on deciphering the mechanisms that correlate cell signaling with gene expression using high resolution structural biology. We also aim at discovering how these mechanisms are regulated, and their consequent implications in human diseases from the structural point of view.
Recently, our work has been focused on the family of transcription factors Smads, where we have discovered a mechanism that labels these key components of the TGF-beta pathway first for activation and then for degradation. We have also identified new DNA binding sites specifically recognized by Smad proteins.
Using NMR and X-ray crystallography we are currently characterizing the interactions of Smad proteins and cofactors with DNA promoters. We also plan to apply cryo-EM to the determination of complexes of Smad proteins. The aim is to provide a first understanding of how these molecular machines work and to pave the basis for the design of small molecular inhibitors specifically targeted towards tumor-derived Smad forms.
In addition, and in collaboration with the Sant Pau hospital, we plan to define a set of molecular biomarkers for endometrial cancer with nodal involvement and/or relapse, both associated to poor prognosis.

Interested candidates with a background in chemistry, physics and biology (or related disciplines) and preferably with some expertise in structural biology should send the CV and academic grades to maria.macias en


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