Programmer position in Systems Biology (CRG)

Programmer position in Systems Biology (CRG)
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The Postdoc or the Programmer position will develop in-house software for the manipulation,
analysis and morphometrics of 2D and 3D shapes. In particular, this position is funded by a
grant from the TV3 Marato charity, to develop such techniques for the analysis of embryonic
heart shapes in wildtype and mutant mice.
The Sharpe lab focuses on novel approaches for studying developmental biology – in particular
new imaging and computational techniques for limb development in mouse and chick. Over the
last 4 years we have developed the 3D imaging technique called OPT (Optical Projection
Tomography). We are now focusing on computational approaches to studying the 3D data
generated by OPT and SPIM. A major area for the lab therefore is software development
producing tools that can help in the analysis or simulation of 2D and 3D tissue shapes, using
unstructured meshes.

Candidate requirements:
• Essential: Good working knowledge of English. Evidence of good programming skills (recent
projects etc.), preferably many years working on scientific software development projects.
• Desirable: Experience or knowledge in:
i. 2D or 3D morphometrics
ii. 3D mesh generation/manipulation (triangulation, tetrahedral meshes, etc.)
iii. Computer graphics, visualization, relevant data-structures (eg. VTK)

Work environment:
Our lab is in the EMBL-CRG Systems Biology program of the CRG, a basic science institute
which focuses on all aspects of gene regulation, including a program on Cell & Developmental
Biology and an Advanced Light Microscopy Facility. We are located within the PRBB, a
research park housing multiple biomedical research organizations.


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