Dear Readers,

This issue of the Eurodoc Newsletter will keep you up to date about developments in Eurodoc activities in this past summer and early autumn.

First, however, let us cordially invite you to an event in spring 2010: the Eurodoc Annual Conference and General Meeting will take place in Vienna on 11–15 March 2010. Read on below about the conference in the invitation by Nikola Macharová, the President of Eurodoc.

Reflections on conferences where Eurodoc took part cover the period from May to September, including reports on a conference on “The Model of Functioning for the PhD Studies: Good Practices at the PhD Studies” organised by Polish doctoral candidates and the Swedish Presidency Conference “The Knowledge Triangle Shaping the Future of Europe”.

You can also find out about a new partnership between DRIVER and Eurodoc which further testifies to Eurodoc’s support for the open access paradigm in scholarly communication and we continue in presenting our members. This time, it is the Association of PhD Candidates of Cyprus, a young, yet advanced member of Eurodoc.

Finally, we did not forget a list of upcoming events which we newly extended with tips for interesting reading.

Elena Xeni and Jan Holeček

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